Pimp Tea wins!!

by DJ Loc Dog aka Thomas Seamans
21 February 2005
After making cabooses shake for years now, Fredericton's own Pimp Tea took home the Urban Recording of the Year honours for his single "Shake ya Caboose" at the 2005 East Coast Music Awards (ECMA).

Pimp stands as the only rapper to win in the ECMA Urban category other than Buck 65. After a long week of touring with Pimp and fellow nominees Bonshah and Mickey D it has been quite the adventure.

From Breakfast Television to seeing the Pimp take the award home there have been lots of interesting moments. The tone for the week was set at the Attic on Wednesday when Pimp Tea performed an interpretive hypeman dance to DJ IV and my sets and dispensed "Shake ya Caboose" stickers to the crowd!

Thursday night marked our entrance to Sydney with a performance at the 72-hour jam followed by a night of watching Universal Soul and Slowcoaster team up for a major jam session.

The big show came on Sunday in front of thousands of people at the celebration of East Coast music in front of a national CBC audience. Pimp Tea took home the award. After watching a beautiful tribute to Rita McNeil the awards were over and a celebration was in order.

With a shiny new trophy around his neck (literally) it was off to the after party. As we arrived The Trews were rocking out to a mostly industry crowd but were still showing why they are one of the best rock groups in Canada.

The evening's big winner was Gordie Sampson who received a collar popping from the Pimp himself at the after party. With a shiny new ECMA Award on the mantle, the work continues for Pimp Tea since he is self-managed. In fact, with a brand new video for "Shake ya Caboose" on the horizon the work is never done. I wonder if Rita will hop on the remix?

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