Album Summaries (press, radio, etc)

In Awe of Simplicity (2007)

An Urbal Remedy (2004)

Power Is Mindful Peace (2002)

2007-08 Press Quotes

"'Shake Ya Caboose' was chosen as New Brunswick's contemporary anthem." - Peter Anawati, CBC Radio 1 Producer (5 May 2009)

"Endearing in-your-face honesty and dope beat selections." - Thomas Quinlan, Exclaim (Sept 2007)

"A blend of thoughtful, lyrically deep songs, and lighter, danceable fare" - Kim Mannix Vermette, Metro Ottawa (Sept 2007)

"I like what he has to say; he's an interesting guy with courage and talent." - Bob Mersereau, Telegraph Journal, Saint John (Aug 2007)

"A solid album of fun hip hop that is worth checking out" - Eric Lewis, Times & Transcript, Moncton (Jan 2008)

"His commitment to hip-hop culture goes beyond making music and videos." - Nelson Hansen, Here Moncton (Aug 2007)

"This album delights with its wide assortment of local references, unabashed autobiography, and bold commentary." - Wilfred Langmaid, Daily Gleaner, Fredericton (Sept 2007)

2004-05 Press Quotes

"Adept at making some catchy hooks that burrow and nest in your brain." - Thomas Quinlan, Exclaim (Sept 2004)

"Playing around with hip-hop imagery and overturning cliches are part of what makes his tunes so enjoyable." - Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax (Aug 2004)

"Masterfully and successfully combines Andre 3000 with Buck 65. Two words fully describe his music - innovative and original" - Lori Sheffield, Aquinian (Oct 2004)

"His musical persona is a unique form of rap that titillates and inspires. It is unique and brilliant, and it is totally home-grown" - Wilfred Langmaid, Daily Gleaner, Fredericton (Aug 2004)

"In some way's his music reminds me of Outkast (Andre 3000) without the eccentric outfits." - Wednesday Elektra, Space Junkies Magazine (Sept 2004)

"Whitey Don nominates Super Dude (Jorun Remix) for song of the year." - Whitey Don via Harris Rosen , Peace Magazine (April 2005).

"It's strong stuff through and through" - Bob Mersereau, CBC News / The Reader (Aug 2004)

"Listening to the album does not pay full justice to the artist. If you get a chance to see him in concert, don't pass it up. His dance moves make the music sound even better." - Erin Hancock, The Brunswickan (Sept 2004)

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