Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 36B: Banff to Lake Louise

Location: Lake Louise, AB
Day: Fri, May 30th

I arrived in Lake Louise around 5 pm and decided that I'd crash there for the night. No one told me that the lake would still be frozen at the end of May! I dug out my winter jacket and mittens, and I ate my lunch on a bench at the lake's edge. It snowed a little bit.

Lake Louise gets its water from the Victoria Glaciers as demonstrated below:

After exploring a bit, I returned to take another picture around 8 pm. Notice that the lake is more frozen 3 hours later.

That's when I noticed this little fella. I followed him around for about a half hour, snapping up pictures. (I have to keep my mind occupied somehow!)

Unfortunately he wasn't very good at posing for pictures, but I did manage to get a couple I liked:

While I was chasing around chippy, a couple birds starting dropping by. They darted around a lot, so it was hard to get a good picture.

After that photo op, I took a walk in a park, and came across an Elk. I snapped a few pictures, but it was too dark for them to turn out. I ended the night by parking my van at Lake Louise and sleeping in it there.


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