'Gift & Deed'

Beat by DJ Moves
Release Date: 2021 Apr

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April is organ donation awareness month and "Gift & Deed" shares the story of a good friend who spent 7 years on dialysis due to kidney failure.

I started the song in 2012 in the hopes of raising awareness and to help my friend find a kidney. Itís been a bit of a long journey to completion and I'm happy to finally share it.

Brockway Biggs
'In Awe of Simplicity'

21 August 2007
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The Ontario Independent Music Award Nominated 3rd album and first as Brockway Biggs

Collaborations include Skratch Bastid, Classified, Prentiss Church (Training Day Sdtk), D.O. Gibson, Fresh Kils, Sean One, J-Bru, Boz Faramone, DJ Ducats, DJ STV, Nevski & more.

"Endearing in-your-face honesty and dope beat selections." - Thomas Quinlan, Exclaim

Pimp Tea
'An Urbal Remedy'

17 Aug 2004
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Pimp Tea returns with his ECMA-winning sophomore album.

Collaborations with Classified, Jorun, Bonshah, Mick D, DJ STV, Andrew Cotter, Nevski, Karl Mohr, Gary Flanagan, Rory Borealis, The Sound & The Fury & more.

Described as "strong through & through" (Bob Mersereau, CBC Arts Reporter).

'Remarkable' feat FreeMC & Andrew Cotter

Beat by Furious
Release Date: 2016 Sept

YouTube Music
'Heretics Heritage Intro'
(Fresh Kils Remix)

feat DJ STV, DJ Ducats & Skratch Bastid
Produced by Fresh Kils
Release Date: 2008-09-30
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'DUCATS Power' ft Addaboe
Release Date: 2007-04-13
Appears on DJ Ducats' 'Bunker Mix'
Download MP3 (4 MB)
'Pimp Juice Interview'
On CBC NB's "Shift"
With host Paul Castle
Date: 2007-04-30
Download MP3 (10 MB)
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