Newsletter - 22-May-2006
My celebrity encounter at Music NB Week

It's been awhile, eh? Things have been busy, but the wait has been worth it, as I've got a funny/exciting story involving a celebrity. It was told many times over at the Music NB weekend, as I was heckled by Don Levandier (of the Ditchpigs), Ross "Rock" Neilsen, Johnny Price & others... keep reading... it's worth it!

The past two weeks have been great birthday weeks. Highlights include having 3 friends (2 Katimavik leaders) crash at my place; running into Jack Layton (NDP Leader); the blooming of the tulips; my b-day party; finally getting my Masters diploma; and the Bugaboo finale performance of karaoke princesses Sarah & Alexandra.

On Sat, May 20th, I arrived at Music NB Week in Edmundston. Saturday night's lineups amazed me, and my two new favorite groups are Chris Colepaugh and Les Paiens. I heard a kick ass rumour of music being made by the likes of Don L (of Ditchpigs fame), Zach A (of On Vinyl) + Greg Webber (of Bucket Truck). Oh and I discovered that 40% of Sproll are siblings of 67% of On Vinyl. Whoa!

Okay, Okay. You've waited long enough for the story.

So right after finishing my 25-minute showcase at Music NB Week, I was approached by a stranger with a hick accent, full beard and a cowboy hat. (See attached pic to see if you recognize him). I've grown accustomed to my diverse fan base, but the enthusiasm of this stranger caught me off guard. Unbeknownst to me, this stranger was the biggest celebrity of the weekend. Here's how the conversation transpired:

Stranger: That was awesome! Has that caboose song been charting?
Me: On campus radio; a bit on mainstream radio.

Stranger: It was great, all of it. I like the old school feel, and your choruses, and the rhymes were well written. Do you have any CDs?
Me: Thanks. Yeah I do, right here, they're $10.

Stranger: Okay, great. So what do you do?
Me: I write the lyrics and perform. I also do marketing & promotion - had a couple clients nominated for Junos. Just finished my masters....

Stranger: I can't believe there weren't more people out for this showcase.
Me: Jessica Rhaye was playing at the same time as me, and she's amazing, so that's likely why the crowd wasn't as big.

Stranger: Well it's too bad because this was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend for me.
Me: Oh, thanks! So what are you doing here?

Stranger: Oh, I'm just up from Austin, Texas.
Me (still oblivious): Oh really? Are you here to perform?

Stranger: Yeah, I was just at the Songwriter's Circle.
Me (surprised): Really!? Sorry, what's your name?

Stranger: Gordie Johnson.
Me (with jaw dropped): YOU'RE GORDIE JOHNSON! I'm humbled.... I had no idea!

Gordie Johnson: Yeah, I really enjoyed your set, I'd be interested in producing or mixing something with you in the future if you're interested.
Me (dumbfounded): That sounds really cool.

If you're unaware, Gordie Johnson is the legendary front man of platinum group Big Sugar. As a producer, he's worked with The Black Crowes, The Trews, Reel Big Fish, Wide Mouth Mason & more...

In giving his keynote speech to wrap up the weekend, Gordie mentioned the volume of demos people had given him would weigh down his luggage at customs. At which point the girl next to me leaned over and said to me, "and you charged him $10 for your CD." I couldn't help but laugh. It was a nice highlight for me!

Well, to my Canadian friends, I hope you had a great Victoria Day weekend. I suggest you cap it off by brewing yourself some pimp tea:
   1 shot vodka + 1 shot coconut rum + gingerale

PS. I've had "All I Know" by beatbox legend, Rahzel, stuck in my head all weekend.

PPS. Looks like I'm getting braces on my teeth. I think I've decided against the jaw surgery.

Go Oilers!!

Brockway Biggs

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