Caboose remix, Super Dude shirts sold out...

Christmas & New Years treated me well, but now it's back to the grind in the 07. The Nick of Time Christmas show was a lot of fun... It was great seeing a lot of familiar faces!

The most exciting/interesting news I heard was that a friend of mine is dating the actress in that hilarious NicoDerm stewardess commercial. Check it out on It gets better. She bartends at a club in Toronto and has been known take 'Shake Ya Caboose' with her to bump in the club...

Chillin Room
Over the break, AC hooked me Chillin Room's new album, 'The Melting Pot'. I fell in love... it's the best non-rap album I've heard since Duane Andrews' self-titled release. Check track 4 titled 'C-Bass Tribute.' It uses the same guitar rif you heard on 'Moma' off my first album (2002), but takes it to an all new dimension.

Shake Ya Caboose - the Nevski remix
The rumours are true... Nevski sliced out a nice beat for the remix of that ECMA-winning song that just won't go away: 'Shake Ya Caboose.' New beat. New chorus. New verses. Same vibe. AND verses added from two helpers:

    (1) D.O. (Toronto) - Former guinness record holder for longest freestyle at 8 hours! Watch for his debut album to drop in February!

    (2) Prentiss Church (St. Louis) - He's signed to Nelly's record label, Derrty Ent (yes the Nelly who wears a bandaid on his cheek). He's been on the Training Day Sdtk; albums by Murphy Lee, DJ Envy & more. Big ups to the folks at Pimp Juice (Nelly's energy drink) for the link.

   'Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix)' won't officially be released until later this year, but in the interim you can check a version on my 'Canadian Rap Mix 2006'

Mixed by my friend, DJ Ducats, the CD contains 22 tracks featuring over 30 Canadian artists. Check the Brockway Entertainment site for the full track listing.

Super Dude Shirts - sold out
Demand for the Super Dude shirts has really surprised me. They sold out in 3 weeks! Sorry to those I've had to disappoint. The shirts didn't sell nearly this quickly when I did the first run back in 2003 (2 years vs 3 weeks). There are no plans to make more at this time.

For those who've been curious:
    (a) I don't yet know when my Ed The Sock episode will air.
    (b) I haven't yet decided if I'm trekking to Halifax for ECMAs (Feb 15-18)

Cheerios til next time,
Brockway Biggs

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