Ed the Sock Footage!

The clips of me hanging out in the hot tub with Molly and Pam on Ed The Sock's late night show have been posted on YouTube.com: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q9eLEAD0hY

Warning: There is brief nudity.

Pics have been added to the gallery.

Download Full Episode (170 MB)

The Story of how I got invited...

Summer 2000: I made 'Tha PIMP-T Theme' video with Iain MacDonald and Graham Fyffe for a multimedia course at UNB. I got an A+.

Summer 2002: I submitted the video to MuchMusic. They rejected it because it was too poor quality.

Fall 2002: I asked all my friends & fans to email Ed the Sock requesting the video.

Nov 2002: Ed the Sock played 'Tha PIMP-T Theme' video on his show "Ed's Big Wham Bam" and does what he does best: He ripped it up hilariously!

Aug 2004: I released my 2nd album, 'An Urbal Remedy,' and included an edited audio clip of the Ed the Sock episode.

Feb 2005: I won an East Coast Music Award for my video single Shake Ya Caboose. My homie Mick D took a pic of Rita MacNeil & I. I sent it to my mailing list.

March 2005: I was in Toronto for Canadian Music Week. I was recognized by Harris Rosen, publisher of Peace Magazine, who informed me they ran the Rita MacNeil pic as the feature pic in their 100 Section. (And that Whitey Don was a fan!) I gave Harris a copy of my CD.

May 2005: Harris put me in touch with The Professor of the Ed the Sock show and I was invited to be in the hot tub. I was a broke student. I couldn't afford the flight, so we kept in touch.
Aug 2006: I let 'em know I'd moved to Ottawa, and was invited in the hot tub for their 2nd episode of the 2007 season!

ECMAs, press pics & a new album!?

  * ECMAs in Halifax were a blast! Special shoutout to Don Levandier of The Motorleague who was wearing a Super Dude shirt all weekend and Kate for letting me crash. Flying for the first time was amazing... and I caught up with tons of folks, from chilling with Classified & crew; to discussing the business with James & Zach of Forward Music Group; to chatting with Gordie Johnson about potential future projects. It was a blast!

  * I've posted my new press pics: www.brockwaybiggs.com/contact.html

  * My third album, 'In Awe of Simplicity,' is nearly complete. I can't wait to unleash it this summer!
  Finally, I had a sad day a couple weeks ago. At every show since I began performing, there has always been one constant: My bookbag.

  I got it back in '96 at a Moncton Hoops Basketball tournament as a member of a FHS team that included the likes Chillin Room's Andy Cotter and Obsidian Reign's Dan Rogers.

  After 10 years of dependable service and repairs by my Mom, the final strap broke and I've had to let it go. I haven't decided its fate yet: A fiery death or sinking it with rocks to the bottom of a river.. time will tell.
Belated St. Patty's day high-fives!
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