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I just returned from Toronto with a spring in my step, thanks to beautiful weather, copious amounts of sushi, but mostly because my brother & I finished mixing my next album, 'In Awe of Simplicity.'

Since mixing my last album in 2004, he's had the opportunity to engineer albums for artists like Our Lady Peace, Emm Gryner, Ian Gillan & Tea Party. So it was nice to keep it in the family & see all the skills he's gained!

I'm excited for the album, as I managed to collaborate with some of my favourite DJs & up-and-coming emcees from across Canada. And all the beats are from Atlantic Canada (except Brooklyn's Kev Sakoda - big ups!)

The release date? Sometime this summer... with an atlantic canada tour to follow in late summer. Hit me up if you'd like to book a show!?

Here's more news...

1. Ottawa Show - Fri, Apr 27th
I'll be doing my first official set in Ottawa this Friday, April 27th as part of Kelp Records 13th Anniversary Show. It goes down at the Navy Club, 150 Middle St - on an island between Ottawa & Gatineau: Victoria Island ... I love it! Jon at Kelp is a genius for this venue! Feel free to join me anytime after 8 pm for a pre-performance drink because...

I'm on at 9:15 pm sharp!

Cost is $8. Sponsored by Exclaim!, CHUO-FM, Beau's Brewing Company,, Compact Music and Sounds Unlikely. It's not a typical rap show, as other performers will include:
     10:00 - Agile Like This.
     10:45 - The Michael Parks
     11:30 - The Flaps
     12:15 - The Acorn

#2. Sean One's 'Full of It' Album
I'm excited to announce that Jon at Dead Beats Entertainment has released two new albums from a couple of New Brunswick's top rappers.

   * Sean One - 'Full of It'. All beats by Sean One. Featured artists include Josh Martinez, Jorun, Bonshah, Moves, Ghettosocks, Fax 4 & more. It also includes a track from my upcoming album, entitled 'Invisible.' Brockway Ent has teamed up with Dead Beats Ent to promote the album to campus radio across Canada, so watch out!

   * Bonshah - 'The Mighty Masta Don'. Long anticipated. He remains one of my favourite emcees of all time.

#3. An Urbal Remedy: The Remixes
In my pimpin days, a number of producers supplied me with remixes of select songs. They've been sitting around collecting dust, so to tie you over until the release of my album this summer (which is leaps & bounds better), I thought I'd give you a few for free:

     Shake Ya Caboose (Club remix) by Noematus
     Sometimes Hip-Hop remix by Gary Flanagan
     Sometimes Euro Coldwave Mix by Gary Flanagan
     Bonus: Shake Ya Caboose (Stand Up remix)

#4. !!! Contest !!!
I need your advice, so I figure a contest is the best way. I've got a bunch of prizes from folks like DJ IV, Pimp Juice. For a chance to win, simply answer this survey question (yes or no answer):

I've been contemplating including a DVD with my next CD. The DVD would contain better quality versions of my music videos and live performances (e.g. ZeD, MusiquePlus, Ed the Sock, etc). It would cost me more to make, but I'd still charge $10 per CD/DVD combo. So I'm wondering if an included DVD of this sort increases your chances of purchasing an artist's album?

Deadline: May 15, 2007. Limit one entry per valid email address.

Keep your ears peeled to the Senators games on CBC, just maybe you'll hear 'Super Dude' played again!?

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