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September 11th, 2007
Brockway Biggs “Pinch Hitter”

Posted by LB

A few years back I met a girl named Jennifer who called herself a "super fan", and she took a lot of pride in the job. Always going to shows, telling people about new bands and just generally being very enthusiastic.

She saw her role as an important part of music, and it is, although I had never really thought of it that way. There are so many elements that combine to make a success in the music industry, and usually it's just called "support".

And nobody supports the Canadian hip hop scene like Brockway Biggs.

New Brunswick's Telegraph Journal said that:

Mr. Biggs has become known as one of the best and most loyal hip-hop publicists and champions in the country, a man who'll help like he's your best friend.

He is! He does! And I have got a lot of love for Brockway Biggs. He even raps about being a publicist in this song - Pinch Hitter.

From the new Brockway Biggs' album, In Awe of Simplicity, it's "smooth like Botox".

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Cover Art iTunes
Brockway Biggs
In Awe of Simplicity

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Release Date: 21 Aug 2007
Album Price: $9.99
Single Song Price: $0.99


What some folks are saying...

From the Brockway Biggs Press Page

"The album has a feel good canadian slick rick type of feel."
    - Mat The Alien - Modest Bike / Circa (Whistler/Vancouver, BC)

"I dig So Many Purposes. It kind of reminds of stuff that came out around '93 or '94."
    - Matt Chan - CJSF (Burnaby, BC)

"I love that Invisible joint!"
    - Kinetik - CJUM (Winnipeg, MB)

"I'm in awe of the new album. It's sounding hot."
    - Lee Pearce (Mt Pearl, NL)

"I mostly liked how serious you were in the songs. The vibe is cool."
    - Mindbender (Toronto, ON)

"A solid release. I thought it was dope how you put track meanings in the jewel case."
    - DJ Wundrkut (Surrey, BC)

"We love the cover of the CD!"
    - Liz Rigney - ATV/CTV Halifax (Halifax, NS)

"Caboose Remix: The flow is tight - I'm feeling the train samples and production."
    - Kevin Oliver - Westbeat & DJ Pool (Calgary, AB)

"Pinch Hitter: You had one of the most talked about tracks of in recent years."
    - Marc Ferman - Keep It Classic (North Miami Beach, FL)

"The production was good and your lyrical content was great. I liked the topics. Uhhh is a really DOPE track."
    - L-Precise (Delta, BC)

"Buck 65 has to be the obvious reference here from the campus radio shoutout, conversational flow, everyman lyrics, etc."
    - Chris White - CJAM (Windsor, ON)

"'Clap Your Hands' I think that DJs would like to mess with the hook. 'Your Vision' I think the beat and your flow/lyrics are some of your best!"
    - DJ Sage - CFRO (Burnaby, BC)

Upcoming show:
   * Fri, Sept 14th - Glue Pot Pub, 340 Queen St (at Lyon) $5 adv / $7 door
      with Boz Faramone, The Reds, DJ Ducats & Mischief

Peace & Harmony,
Brockway Biggs

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