Tour summary & heading to Vegas!

This summer I fulfilled my two major goals: travelling across Canada and getting a kitty. Now Live 88.5 is helping me knock off a couple more goals by taking me to Vegas and letting me perform on the flight. It'll be my first flight outside of Canada and first in-flight performance!

The Tour Summary!
Finally it's here... the tour summary I promised you 3 months ago...

So I survived 102 days on the road, driving just over 24,000 kms on my own, while covering Canada more than twice over.

The trip included 55 live performances & radio show appearances; visits to 14 National Parks and 11 National Historic Sites.

Accommodations included 8 nights in my van; 8 nights in a hotel; one night of camping and crashing on more beds/couches/floors than I care to remember.

I had a blast most everywhere, but Cape Breton stood out as being the most fun!

To the surprise of most, the trip was completed without air conditioning or GPS.

The 97 Plymouth Voyageur tour van survived the full trek, including:
   I made stops in most major cities, as well as lesser known ones like

The "Super Dude" network continues to expand...

I owe a big thanks to my sponsors: I also owe thanks to the artists who pitched in gas money, in exchange for me delivering their goods to key DJs, radio stations and promoters across the country: A big shoutout is also due to my good friend Stephanie who helped me pack; hit the open road with me a couple times and helped with driving; took care of me when I was running a 103 degree fever; and lent an ear whenever the road got lonely.

It was an exhausting trek, but I had a blast. I owe thanks to so many people, friends and family for helping me along the way. There are way too many people to mention.

I could go on & on, but the Tour Blog captured all the stories. So, I'll leave you with one of my favourite sunset pics - taken from the Royal Albert parking lot in Winnipeg!

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