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I had a blast at the ECMAs in Corner Brook! My long overdue recap is below, along with a chance for you to win $100 from Brockway Entertainment.
  1. ECMA 2009: Recap
  2. ECMA 2009: Three Most Impressive Acts
  3. ECMA 2009: Hip-Hop
  4. Win $100 from Brockway Ent!
ECMA 2009: Recap

The ECMA weekend in Corner Brook was a blast. I blogged like crazy the whole weekend, so you can see all the details in my blog ( ), but here's a quick summary:

I shared a taxi from Deer Lake to Corner Brook with the legendary Rawlins Cross.

I stayed at Hillside Haven B&B with Nayles & Clutch. The B&B folks gave us moose meat steaks & mackarel.

I took in lots of music and caught up with great musical friends like Chad Hatcher, Don Levandier, Adam Gould, Murielle Savoie, Andy Cotter, R$ $mooth, The Divorcees, Samantha Robichaud, The Idlers, James Boyle, Lynn D & Chris Colepaugh and of course the amazing Duane Andrews.

I finally met some folks I've e-known for awhile like Jill Barber, Joe Buck, DJ Bones, Josh Hogan

The flight out of Deer Lake was a star-studded affair as I sat behind Bruce Guthro and next to Sabra & Kendra MacGillivray. When they announced our luggage would be left behind in Deer Lake, Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC's Q had the flight delayed while they searched for his luggage, which I assume he needed for his show.


ECMA 2009: Three Most Impressive Acts

On the flight into Deer Lake, I sat next to the man I see more often than anyone else at these conferences, Bob Breen of OIART (where my brother went to school).

Bob & I chatted about how we rarely see acts that truly impress us anymore... At the end of the weekend we compared notes and I was floored when Bob said my performance on the Music NB stage was one of the most impressive for him.

Here are the three acts that really impressed me over the weekend:
  1. Ennis - This group consists of Maureen & Karen Ennis, whom you might remember from Ennis Sisters. Karen's stage presence rolled smoothly through jokes, singing, step dancing and playing of the tin flute and bodhran, with each talent more impressive than the previous. It was a breath of fresh air - it's ashame people weren't dancing.

  2. Ryan LeBlanc - This one-man instrumental wrecking crew showed off just how easy it can be to play harmonica, guitar and cajon (box drum) all at the same time. His talent earned him praise from Australian agent Jordan Verzar of Top Shelf, won him the 2009 ECMA award for World Recording, and landed him performing at the awards gala show.

  3. David Myles - It seems not so long ago, in 2005, David phoned me to ask for advice on promoting his debut album. Now, in 2009, David Myles is riding a wave of international acclaim. His show has improved immensely since 2005, helped by his move from strictly folk to a more sultry jazz blues sound aided by his backing band, along with some Bruce Springsteen inspired rock. His comfort on stage and crowd interaction brought in the largest crowd of the 'Export Buyers Showcase' series, and with good reason - he provided one of the most impressive performances of the series.

ECMA 2009: Hip-Hop

I wrote a 5-part series about hip-hop and the ECMAs, so I thought I'd share the links:

  1. Part 1 - An Introduction - Hip-Hop Side-Stepped in Corner Brook
  2. Part 2 - Popularity of Hip-Hop in Atlantic Canada & Showcases for Hip-Hop artists at the 2009 ECMAs
  3. Part 3 - The Corner Brook Hip-Hop Struggle
  4. Part 4 - Why was Hip-Hop side-stepped in Corner Brook & Hip-Hop Approach of other Music Award Festivals
  5. Part 5 - Cape Breton in 2010 - Hip-Hop Suggestions

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