$100 Contest Winner + the mailbag

In April we ran a contest open to all our subscribers to win a fresh new Canadian Borden, a CDN $100 bill. Entering was easy - just send us an email.

The response was overwhelming with lots of positive words and over 700 entries ranging from Budapest; to Cookstown, UK; to Pembroke Pines, Florida; to Iowa City, IA; to Victoria, BC and back to Grandfalls-Windsor, Newfoundland. I thought I'd share some of my favourites from the mailbag (below).

The big winner of the random $100 draw was Steve aka Rask1 of Toronto, ON. Second Prize consisting of a big merch package went to Richard from Kent, Washington.

The $100 Contest Mailbag
  • Rob M, Fredericton, NB (and others):

    • "I have no idea what a "Canadian Borden" is -- I hope it doesn't need to be housebroken."

    • Note: It's a Canadian $100 bill. Former Prime Minister Robert Borden (a Nova Scotian) is the guy who's on the bill :)

  • Don Levandier of The Motorleague, Moncton, NB

    • "I wanted to send you our press photo this is from our video shoot I thought you might enjoy a certain part of it! I made sure to represent in the video!!"

    • Note: The Motorleague are the highest class of Super Dudes alive!! Now you know!

  • Valerie M, Sydney, NS:

    • "Just thought I'd let you know that I've been on this list for a while, and it's one of the few that I still read and don't delete. Good job folks."

  • John Duff, trombone player for The Idlers, St. John's, NL

    • "Loved all the ECMA recaps. It was a dandy ol' weekend! Hopefully we'll see you back around this way soon. Your 'An Urbal Remedy' was in constant rotation in the van all the way from Newfoundland to New York! We've even gone so far as to attempt a drunken live cover of shake ya caboose..."

    • Note: I love it! I've heard word that Joel Plaskett was pulling out some 'Shake Ya Caboose' covers on his last cross Canada tour... and of course his producer, Gordie Johnson (of Big Sugar /Grady) has played the crap out of the song in Willie Nelson's studio in Austin.

  • Meaghan W, Halifax, NS:

  • Doug Gallant, Charlottetown Guardian:

    • "Enjoyed your series on the ECMAs. Also agree with you on two of the three picks you made on the best acts at the ECMA. Ryan LeBlanc and David Myles. I might have picked Ennis too if Id seen them. One of my real faves that weekend was Madison Violet who blew me away at the Arts and Culture Centre."

    • Note: I was listening to the new Mad Violet CD when I got this email from Doug - it is great!

  • Michel B, Toronto, ON:

    • "Yo yo man. Keep me on this list - one of the few update emails i actually enjoy getting and keep in the mailbox... not sure how i even got on here, can't remember lol, but i'm glad to be on the list."

  • Sarah M, Edmonton, AB:

    • "I'm a little confused about your trip from Deer Lake. Did Jian's luggage affair mean that you were on the same flight as him? If you were, I am so super super jealous!!! I have such a radiovoice crush on Jian! If I could make out with anyone's larynx, it would be his (Don't tell my boyfriend!). Did you get to talk to him? Does his voice sound as dreamy in real life as it does over internet radio? :P"

    • Note: Yes, we were on the same flight. I'd spoken to him the night before when I gave him a Super Dude sticker, so I left him alone for the flight. I'm not good at judging dreamy voices :)

  • Ross Neilsen, St. Andrews, NB

    • I'm loving the Super Dude shirt. We're doing a segment this week on our tour podcast about Dude beer and we'll be playing 'Super Dude' afterwards. Big Thanks for making me an honorary super dude! I couldnt have done it without you!

    • Note: Ross Neilsen is one of New Brunswick's finest blues/rock players. You can check out the Dude Beer clip here.

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