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The charisma of Ottawa-Fredericton rapper Brockway Biggs (formerly Pimp Tea) won over diverse crowds from the late 90s until he suffered a concussion in 2011.

His entertaining stage presence is cultivated from the vintage vibe of story telling, crowd participation, props and freestyle dance moves.

He won an ECMA in 2005. Toured Canada in 2008. Multiple ECMA, CUMA & OIMA nominations. Played shows with Classified, Shad, Ghettosocks, Quake Matthews, Skratch Bastid, Manafest, The Motorleague & hundreds more.

Wrote for HipHopCanada. Charted on 40+ radio stations. Features on most major Canadian TV networks.
December B
December B
27 Apr 2021 - "Gift & Deed" video part 2
Video part 2 for "Gift & Deed" is out. Watch it on YouTube

24 Apr 2021 - "Gift & Deed" video part 1
Video part 1 for "Gift & Deed" is out. Watch it on YouTube

21 Apr 2021 - "Gift & Deed" - NEW SINGLE - out on bandcamp + streaming platforms
Exciting news! New single "Gift & Deed" is out on bandcamp and all streaming platforms. Download/stream it here:
April is organ donation awareness month and "Gift & Deed" shares the story of a good friend who spent 7 years on dialysis due to kidney failure.
I started the song in 2012 in the hopes of raising awareness and to help my friend find a kidney. Itís been a bit of a long journey to completion as I have struggled with post-concussion syndrome, but I'm happy to finally share it. Itís my first new song in 5 years. The beat is by DJ Moves.

13 April 2021 - Now on bandcamp + all streaming platforms: 'In Awe Of Simplicity'
My 2007 album "In Awe of Simplicity" is now out on all streaming platforms & bandcamp. It includes a previously unreleased bonus remix by Fresh Kils. Check it out:

6 September 2016 - 'Remarkable' single
Brockway Biggs (formerly Pimp Tea) returns with his first single in nearly a decade. Derailed by a life-altering concussion in 2011, the Ottawa/Fredericton rapper is excited to bring you 'Remarkable' featuring AC (Andy Cotter) and The Sound & The Fury. The track freshens up his 2004 song 'Maniac For Your Love' and was unveiled as a surprise at his wedding reception. This first post-concussion performance thrilled his wedding guests and their impromptu footage led to the making of a live video version of 'Remarkable'. You can check it out on YouTube.

Available: Soundcloud / iTunes / Google Play / Spotify / more...

10 April 2012 - Concussion
Hey everyone. You probably haven't heard from me in quite awhile. I suffered a few smaller concussions from mid 2010 to mid 2011, which I naively ignored. Then in August 2011, I suffered a big one. It's more than 7 months later, and my life is still paused as I very slowly recover. I haven't been able to tolerate listening to music since the "big one", so unfortunately, I wasn't able to put out a Canadian rap compilation last year (first time since 2002). I also haven't been able to pursue my own music since mid 2010. If you get hit in the head, pause & rest... cause if you've got a bad head injury, your injured brain might not be able to detect it. I will recover, it's just a very slow process.
24 December 2010 - Canadian Rap Compilation
I've released my annual Canadian rap "Future Superstars" compilation cd containing my 22 favourite tracks of the year. You can check the track listing and read about it in the December newsletter. Or you can download the 110 MB zip file directly from here.

30 June 2010 - Fredericton Hip-Hop Reunion Show
I'm headed to the Fredericton this weekend for the Fredericton Hip-Hop Reunion Show. Read about it and a contest in the July newsletter.
14 June 2010 - NXNE this Thursday in Toronto
I'm headed to the North by Northeast (NXNE) this weekend in Toronto. Details and a recap of the past few months are available in the June newsletter.
4 March 2010 - ECMAs in Cape Breton
I'm headed to the East Coast Music Association festival (ECMA) in Cape Breton this weekend. This will be my 9th show in Cape Breton. Read up on my CB history & more in the March newsletter.
29 December 2009 - Canadian Rap Compilation
I've released my annual Canadian rap "Future Superstars" compilation cd containing my 23 favourite tracks of the year. You can check the track listing and read about it in the December newsletter. Or you can download the 110 MB zip file directly from here.

15 September 2009 - "East Bound & Down" Tour: The Atlantic Canada Journey
Keep your eyes on the event listings, as DJ Ducats & I prepare to head out on an Atlantic Canada tour in October. Ducats has held down 'The Journey' radio show on CKCU in Ottawa since 1996.
31 August 2009 - My Top Canadian Singles of All Time & more...
Check out the August newsletter for a list of my favourite Canadian singles of all time. There's also info about CBC picking 'Shake Ya Caboose' as New Brunswick's contemporary anthem.
17 June 2009 - $100 Winner & the mailbag
To find out who won the $100 Canadian Borden, along with some mailbag goodies, check out the June newsletter.

13 April 2009 - ECMA Recap + Win $100
I had a blast at the ECMAs in Corner Brook! My long overdue recap is in the April newsletter, along with a chance for you to win $100 from Brockway Ent.

23 Feb 2009 - Bound for Corner Brook...
I'm headed to the ECMAs this weekend in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Check out the February newsletter for full info, some online music polls and a contest for free CDs.

30 Jan 2009 - Compilation debuts at #2
The '2009 Canadian Rap Future Superstars' compilation debuted at #2 on the Canadian hip-hop campus charts last week. Check out the January newsletter for full info, my favourite albums & live artists of 2008 and plans for the ECMAs.

26 December 2008 - Canadian Rap Compilation
I've released my annual Canadian rap "Future Superstars" compilation cd containing my 22 favourite tracks of the year. You can check the track listing and read about it in the December newsletter. Or you can download the 75 MB zip file directly from here.

27 Oct 2008 - Tour summary!
It's taken me 3 months, but I'm finally done the tour summary... Read all about it in the October newsletter

2 Oct 2008 - Vegas bound with an in-flight performance!
Live 88.5 is sending me to Vegas as part of their "24 Hours in Vegas" contest, and I'll be performing on the flight! Read all about it this Ottawa newsletter.

30 Sept 2008 - Contests, a remix and a cat
I set music aside the past two months to enjoy the end of summer with friends and sports. It's been a much needed break! I adopted a cat! Read about her, a Fresh Kils remix and a contest with tons of prizes in the September newsletter

13 June 2008 - Day 50: The halfway update
It's day 50 of my 100-day tour across Canada and I'm pretty exhausted. Only two days have been above 20 degrees (both in Prince George). It snowed twice. I've already driven 13,000 kms. I had my side view mirror licked by an elk. Two grizzly bears walked in front & back of my ride. I wouldn't trade the trip for anything. Read the day 50 summary in the June Newsletter!

30 April 2008 - The 100 day trek across Canada has begun..
I've began my epic trek by first stopping in New Brunswick to unwind, work on set lists, visit my parents and take my #1 fan out to dinner. Read all about progress in the April Newsletter!

10 April 2008 - Ottawa Citizen
There was a nice article with a kickin picture of yours truly in today's Ottawa Citizen. You can read the article here

31 March 2008 - Gearing up for the tour...
It's less than 4 weeks until I hit the road. I'm pretty overwhelmed and in want of more shows! Fortunately I've got some great sponsors lined up! Read all about progress in the March Newsletter!

10 March 2008 - Canadian Tour
It's official. I'll be heading out this summer on a 100-day cross-Canada tour! I've added a Tour Blog Section.

19 February 2008 - ECMA Recap
I spent 5 splendid days in my hometown of Fredericton for the East Coast Music Award (ECMA) festivities over the Feb 6-10 weekend. I met up with tons of friends, fans, peers and I feel more motivated than ever. Check the February Newsletter for all the details!

14 January 2008 - Biggs' Biggest of 2007
Check the January newsletter for a recap of my favourites and biggests of 2007:

10 January 2008 - End of Year Compilations
Biggs has tracks featured on two end of year compilations:
   * Atlantic Hip-Hop End of Year Sampler 2007 - 'Uhhh' feat J-Bru & Boz
   * Fear and Loathing in Ottawa - 'Canada Dry'

1 January 2008 - Canadian Rap Compilation
I've released my annual canadian rap "Future Superstars" compilation cd containing my 25 favourite tracks of the year. You can check the track listing and read about it in the December newsletter. Or you can download the 75 MB zip file directly from here.

24 Nov 2007 - CD Release Poster + Vancouver
The CD release Posters are back (pic shown below)! They were painted by Freyja Zazu, and are for sale in the store. I had a great first trip to Vancouver, where I met up with folks like Matt Chan and Mat The Alien. Read about this & more in the November newsletter.

16 Oct 2007 - Scholarship & OIMA Nomination
Nicole Rushton & I are nominated for an Ontario Independent Music Award with our track 'Canada Dry.' Also, I've teamed up with Fillmore Street Brewery to help bring their scholarship to Canada. Read about this & more in the October newsletter.

11 Sept 2007 - CBC Radio 3 Track of the Day
CBC Radio 3 Picked my "Pinch Hitter" as their Track of the Day. You can read the feature, download it, stream it or add it to your iPod all here:
Or Read about it & what other folks are saying in the Sept newsletter

3 Sept 2007 - The show; Some Press & iTunes
The CD release show this past Thursday at Heaven was fun, with a nice turnout. I've also gotten some great press including Bob Mersereau's review in NB's Telegraph Journal and Allan Wigney's feature in the Ottawa SUN.
The album and singles are now available for purchase on iTunes

21 August 2007 - CD Release Today!!
Today is the big day - my 3rd album, 'In Awe of Simplicity' is finally out! It has been 3 years in the works and has seen me leave Fredericton for the metropolis of Ottawa. I'm excited to finally share it with you! Read the whole newsletter here.

Here's the track Listing:
   01 - Ed The Sock Intro feat The Professor
   02 - Heretics Heritage Intro feat DJ STV, DJ Ducats & Skratch Bastid
   03 - Pinch Hitter
   04 - Clap Your Hands
   05 - Invisible
   06 - Another Night
   07 - Your Vision
   08 - Dream Log One
   09 - So Many Purposes feat Nicole Rushton
   10 - Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix) feat Prentiss Church & D.O.
   11 - Canada Dry feat Nicole Rushton
   12 - Uhhh feat J-Bru & Boz Faramone
   13 - T & T
   14 - Overload feat Colin Neilson
   15 - Super Dude Envy feat Superfluous Garth

24 June 2007 - Cameo in Art of Fresh video
I was in Toronto for Easter weekend 2007, and dropped by Art of Fresh's video shoot for 'Get Free.' Watch for me at "poof" and breaking out the dance moves at the end. Check out the June Newsletter where I recap my favourite videos that I've had cameo appearances in.

6 May 2007 - DJ Ducats Bunker Mix
Ottawa's DJ Ducats (of Rebel Mag) recently released a new mix called 'Bunker Mix' in anticipation of Boz Faramone's debut album. I linked up with Ottawa's Addaboe to bang out a track for the mix called 'D-U-C-A-T-S Power'. Download Ducats' full mix here. Or just grab my track in the audio section.
3 May 2007 - CBC NB Radio 1 Interview
Brockway Biggs talks to Paul Castle of "Shift" about his Pimp Juice link up, name change & more. You can download the mp3 of the interview in my audio section.
30 April 2007 - Pimp Juice, Brockway Ent & Derrty Ent present...
Brockway Biggs feat Prentiss Church & D.O. - 'Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix)'. Read the press release. I'll be discussing this collaboration with Paul Castle today on CBC NB's "Shift" from 4-6 pm AST.

26 April 2007 - News, News, News!
Click here to read the April Newsletter. Done Mixing next album. New track out on Sean One's album. Old remixes Available for download. And a contest!

18 March 2007 - Ed the Sock Episode online!
Check clips of me in the hot tub on Ed the Sock's night party on YouTube. Click here to read the March Newsletter and story of how I got invited on the show.

15 February 2007 - Ed the Sock + ECMAs & more
Click here to read the February Newsletter.

21 January 2007 - Super Dude Shirts sold out
Click here to read the January Newsletter.

The Super Dude Shirts are sold out! I apologize to those I disappointed. The shirts didn't sell nearly this quickly when I did the first run back in 2003 (2 years vs 3 weeks). There are no plans to make more at this time.
17 January 2007 - Caboose remix & more...
Click here to read the January Newsletter.
Brockway Ent's 'Canadian Rap Mix 2006' features the collaboration track for Nelly's energy drink 'Pimp Juice.' The track, titled 'Shake Ya Caboose (Nevski remix)' features Prentiss Church (from Nelly's Derrty Ent record label) and former guiness record holder for longest freestyle, D.O.. Expect the unmixed single to be released in Spring 2007.

16 Sept 2006 - My old Music Videos on YouTube & some thoughts...
Click here to read how you can see my old music videos.

31 July 2006 - 'Pinch Hitter' on KeepItClassic Compilation
Brockway Biggs' single 'Pinch Hitter' was selected for's Underground Hip-Hop Compilation Vol. 5 hosted by Mr Lif (of Def Jux) and Lady Bug Mecca (of Digable Planets). More info. The infamous Nasty Nes of picks it as one of his favorites.

22 May 2006 - My celebrity encounter at Music NB Week
Click here to read about my celebrity encounter at Music NB Week.

28 February 2006 - Introduction
When I started out in 1999 my focus was on having fun, which I accomplished while garnering considerable accolades as Pimp Tea (formerly PIMP-T). However, the maturity gained from seven years of writing, performing and simply living life, has led to my desire to move away from the "pimp" persona.

So, I'd like to introduce, Brockway Biggs and welcome you to this site, as I take yet another step along my artistic path.

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