Ed the Sock + ECMAs + #1 on campus hip-hop charts.

Three exciting events this week:

#1. Ed The Sock Show
This weekend, you can catch me (Brockway Biggs) on Ed the Sock's late night show, which airs on CityTV, typically on Friday & Sunday nights. I'll be chillin in the hot tub with Molly and Pam. The episode will have a war theme, so I can't help but wonder if some cannons might appear!? Also, top-notch Toronto hip-hop band, Track Dirtyaz, perform.

#2. ECMA Performance
For the first time in my life I'll be travelling by plane. It's exciting and long overdue after so many exhausting road trips & tours. The reason for my first flight? Well, I'm headed to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) festival. I'll be performing too:

   Date:    Friday, Feb 16th
   Event:    72-Hour Jam
   Venue:    The Palace, 1721 Brunswick St.
   Time:    8:30 - 8:50 pm sharp
   Cost:    $3 / day

#3. Charting at #1 in Canada
Brockway Entertainment's Canadian Rap Mix 2006 is #1 this week on both Canadian campus hip-hop charts! Big ups to DJ Ducats for doing the mix. Click here to order a copy for $5. Check www.BrockwayEnt.com for the track listing.

It's amazing to be sharing the top 4 spots on both charts with crazy albums from Vancouver's No Luck Club and Winnipeg's DJ Co-op. And after hearing the new album from Edmonton's Politic Live, I expect they'll be making moves on up too...

#4. Sean One's 'Full of It' compilation
One more piece of exciting news: Brockway Ent has teamed up with Jon at Dead Beats records to ensure that the 'Full of It' compilation from one of New Brunswick's best rappers and producers, Sean One, makes it to the table. His beats have been fire.. Spring 2007.

#5. More ECMA stuff & some tidbits
Back to ECMA stuff, here's what I'm planning on checking out for the weekend. I'm hoping to catch up with a lot of familiar faces:

   Friday night - On The Grind Urban night, Delta Halifax: Baronet Room
   Friday night - Music NB Showcase, Soho Kitchen, 1667 Argyle St
   Sat afternoon - Urban Music: On the Grind Seminar, Delta Barrington
   Sat evening - Urban Series Reception, Delta Barrington
   Sat night - Music NB Showcase, Soho Kitchen, 1667 Argyle St

Other tidbits:
  * I had a blast of a photo shoot with Ottawa's queen of hip-hop photography, Val of Vos Media.
  * Super Dude Shirts are sold out.
  * My pre-season dreams/nightmares of the Penguins winning the Cup don't seem so far fetched now.
  * I saw Robert Munsch live a few weeks ago - what an amazing performer!

Belated Valentine's Day Hugs,
Brockway Biggs

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